Friday, June 22, 2007

MainFrame d GameFrame ....?

Yup, the power of Mainframes coming into effect..! The GameFrame is the term used for games which run onn Mainframes..! Yeah think the life of reality games devices made from Sony and the Microsoft, viz the PS(Play Station) and the XBox resp..OOPs Sony n Microsoft gonna crib if IBM comes wid GameFrames.

Mainframes, the most powerful computers will enormous processing feed will help the gamers move to the future..! If the normal PS n XBox can produce the reality in games, think of the games running on Mainframes, it will be more than reality..! Ppl are really working on designing a chip that will run on Mainframes..!

Once these are out, games will really have a very good time.! But as usual, the cost will play a role here. IBM products are not Open Source n its seriously costly to work in mainframes. If the large organizations like banks are cribbing to use mainframes coz of the usage charges, how much can an induvidual pay??? yup, there must be some alternative to solve this..Lets wait n See..!

The concept of GameFrame will not only bring back the reputation of Mainframes, but will give LIFE to it too..!

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