Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Run a JCL job from windows!

So wonder how to run a job by just a click of the mouse???? Need not open TSO sessions! Need not LOGIN! Just click the mouse on a Job file and thats it! Hurrah! u can run a job from windows.!

Steps in running a job from windows machine..Thought it is not that simple, u need to create some files inorder to accomplish this. This is similar to that of trasfering a file or dataset from windows to Mainframes via FTP. Here you will just be transferring the job with some keywords which tells the mainframe to run the job! The steps are

1. Create a Job file and save it in the notepad(say job.txt).

2. Create a help file saying this is the mainframe user name and the mainframe password and this file is not just a file, but it is a job. So, the contents of this file will be like this

USER (User name) //Give ur username here
(password) // Give ur password here
quote site filetype = jes // Tell mainframe to run the job
put job.txt //(The job file)

and save the file as help.txt. Mind you not to include the lines after //.!!!

3. Create the batch file with the content as

ftp -n -i -s:help.txt (server name) // The name of the mainframe server.

On just the click of this file, the Job will be running! OOPS! thats it!

The batch file with the ftp command has some switches -n-i-s which tells the ftp not to take the input from the command line and from the file. The file here is help.txt. The command quote site filetype=jes tells the mainframe that the incoming file is not just a file but a job and the job must be run! Hence when u click the batch file, it l logon to the given mainframe server with the given username and the password and runs the job given in the job.txt file. So, no manual work of logging on to mainframes, search for the job and then submit. It s just a click of a mouse!

That it! Simple and coool!

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